Wish list: mutant abilities from the X-men

If the Stuff team were the X-men, they probably won't be very heroic

We’ve all had our fair share of wishful thinking, one of which is to be imbued with the X-Men’s cool mutant powers.

And with X-Men: Days of Future Past hitting our screens this week, we can’t help but get our hopes up that we too can become Children of the Atom. While some see these powers as a curse, the Stuff team considers it a blessing if we manage to be irradiated and have our hidden powers manifest.

Except some of us don’t have the noblest of intentions about how we use these powers...

Name: Professor Charles Francis Xavier

Alias: Professor X

Power: telepathy

Name: Jean Grey

Alias: Phoenix

Power: telepathy, telekinesis, Phoenix force

More after the break...

Name: James Howlett

Alias: Wolverine

Power: healing factor

Name: Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde

Alias: Shadowcat

Power: Phasing

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