LG reveals flexible 77” OLEDs at CES

Bendy displays look ahead of the curve

Curvy is the in-thing these days and LG looks determined to deliver the goods.



CES is where everyone brings out their biggest guns to show off, and LG is no different. The company showed off a huge 77” flexible OLED TV in what's fast looking like a clash of the giants (TVs) alongside other brands like Samsung which has also produced a flexible TV capable of most of the same stuff, including 4K.


LG also claims that the display can handle being bent over and over again without stressing so you can still enjoy the TV flat though that sort of defeats the purpose of having a curved screen in the first place.

The curvature of the TV can be adjusted via remote control, to whatever your viewing preference might be though we’re not entirely sure how the experience will be for those sitting outside the TV’s sweet spot. We’ll find out eventually.

No official pricing yet, but we’ll see that in days to come.

Source: What HiFi

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