Kill your productivity: Stuff's top 22 free browser games

10: HRMageddon

An awful lot of these games are going to be played by people in offices. So what could be more deliciously metatextual than a game about people in an office. Admittedly, your IT guys might not swing a computer mouse as a sort of improvised mace as often as the characters in this turn-based combat game do. And for that matter your receptionist might not be quite as deadly with a stapler. 

What HRmageddon may lack in realism though, it makes up for in chuckles. Capture as many cubicles as you can while dealing damage to your rivals. You can play against the game’s surprisingly Machiavellian AI, a random internet opponent or — for maximum irony — a colleague elsewhere in your office.

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9: Tofu Hunter

There are more ‘shooting gallery’ hunting games available online than there are real live animals to hunt. Tofu is at least the equal of its rivals in terms of twitchy track-shoot-reload gameplay, but adds a witty vegan-friendly angle. If you’re a Morrissey fan who’s occasionally tempted to express their inner Ted Nugent, this one’s the game for you. 

Choose between sniper rifle or shotgun and pick off wild, playful, chunks of tofu as they gambol in the forest. Comfortably the silliest game on our list. Recommended.

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8: Wormfood

If there’s any justice, anywhere in the world, you’ll have seen the film Tremors. In it Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward repel an attack of giant subterranean slug-beasts that rear up out of the earth and devour a selection of citizens from a small American town. In Wormfood, Tremors goes interactive. Only instead of, as might be a bit too predictable, taking the part of Bacon or Ward or even the scene-sealing survivalist played by Michael Gross, you get to be the slug. 

Pick up momentum by accelerating through the soil, break through the surface and scoop up as many townsfolk as you can before the time runs out. Crashing into buildings and other obstacles slows you down, and in the later levels your prey have begun to fight back by planting land-mines in your path. About the best fun you can have being a worm.

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