iOS users get tasty advanced features update to YouTube Capture app

Vine and Instagram users will now be able to create more polished videos, but tough luck Android users

For iOS users who want an alternative to iMovie, good news! Google has decided to revamp its YouTube Capture app to allow for basic editing and simple sharing.

Instagram and Vine are now popular mediums for sharing short clips with friends, but YouTube has the advantage of allowing longer clips and a larger potential audience.

Vine-inspired features

YouTube seems to have picked up cues from Vine, with features like Vine's tap and hold to record gesture and being able to rearrange your shots as you see fit.

The app also allows you to add previously saved clips, music from your collection or just choose from YouTube's own library of background tracks. Then share it to either Facebook, Twitter or Google's own Google+.

No word as yet, if or when the app will make its way to Android.

Download it from the App Store here.

[Source: TheNextWeb]

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