Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Seven apps you should download right now

Maze Racer (Free)

Designed specifically for the Galaxy Note range, this simple game tasks you with drawing a line from the start to the finish of a series of mazes in the fastest time possible. Touch an edge and you’re whizzed back to the beginning. After each level you’re given a mark out of three stars, dependent on your speed: can you get three stars in all 46 stages?

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Crunchyroll (Free)

Crunchyroll is a no-brainer, basically. Sign up for the premium membership and you can watch a dazzling variety of anime shows and a (slightly less dazzling) selection of dramas on any compatible device you own. And most shows are available an hour after its initial broadcast in Japan. There aren’t many smartphones as well-equipped for the on-demand video service as the Note 3, so fill your boots!

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Monkey Write: Learn Chinese (£Free)

Winner of Samsung’s first Galaxy Note app challenge, Monkey Write uses the phablet’s abilities to help you learn a new language – or at least the letters that make it up. Each Chinese character is learnt through you writing it on the Note 3’s screen using the S-Pen, with every stroke numbered for ease. Once you’re feeling more confident, you can turn off the number guides and see how you fare unaided.

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