This isn't your dad's Monopoly: 5 boardgames to tickle your geeky fancies

King of Tokyo

Ever fancy playing in a game as…Godzilla? Then you will love King of Tokyo. Described as Yahtzee with giant monsters, it is a very simple dice-rolling game which sees you trying to take over a city and beat out other monsters to take over Tokyo.

You choose one of a selection of big monsters, each with their own special attributes and then either fight to defend your position in the city or annihilate the competition.

Along the way, you can also purchase special cards to boost your powers and assure your dominion as the biggest, baddest monster in the land.

A game can be over is as quickly as 10 minutes, but it is so simple (and fun) to play that you could easily just requesting a rematch. Just remember, this game is supposed to be a light one so don’t overthink it and just be your bad monster self.

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