6 obscure smartphones you wished you could get your hands on in Malaysia

These oddities from other countries will pique your smartphone curiousity

Ferrari or Lamborghini. Yakult or Vitagen. Cat or dog. Samsung or Apple.

Why must everything be one or the other? Why not more? Something else besides two choices?

Well, actually in the world of smartphones, there is more than those few choices you're used to. In fact, a myriad of them exists, just that you are on the wrong side of the world, therefore, you've never gotten the chance to try them out because they never made it to your shores. Here are just 6 of them.

1. Russia's Yotaphone

Everything is more intense in Russia.

Coming from the land where vodka is treated like water, this Russian smartphone has - get this - two screens. This is akin to welding your iPhone to your Kindle.

The purpose? The E-Ink (a type of electronic paper) is a nifty power-saving addition that will help you leave those portable battery packs at home because using the Yota solely on E-Ink mode will cause the battery to purportedly survive a staggering 50 hours.

If you think about how your iPhone needs a recharge after just 12 hours (or less), you'd understand just how powerful a Russian phone is.

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