10/10 would shade again: solid granite lampshade is impractically heavy, yet rather beautiful

If you've seen a better way to dress up a lightbulb, let us know

You're writing about a lampshade.
We sure are. But this isn't a cheap paper one you've snapped up from Argos to replace the one your cat ripped to shreds.

This one just happens to be carved from a single, solid piece of granite.

You mean, the rock?
Yes, the rock. Dreamt up by the designers at AStudio, the Mika 350 lamp takes five hours to shape from start to finish, using two different machines and a lot of elbow grease to chip and carve away at the incredibly tough surface.

The top is capped with a choice of oak, chestnut, afzelia and sucupira. We're assuming the last two are also types of wood.

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So if there's an earthquake, and it falls on me, I'm basically dead.
Thanks to its surprisingly thin shell it only weighs 15 pounds, or just under 7kg.

It'll be like a small dog jumping on your head, albeit one with no fur, and a rock-solid unforgiving belly which will pack quite a wallop. You'd have a concussion at best. 

Our advice? Don't buy one if you're in an earthquake zone.

I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to afford one anyway..
You assumed right. Prices start from US$800 (RM2600).

It's a tad on the expensive side for a lampshade, we know. But you could always follow in our footsteps and try and carve your own. 

All you need is a multipack of nail files, a cheese grater, and around 10,000 hours of free time. We'll show it of when it's done.

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[AStudio via Gizmodo]

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