World Cup ball goes HD with adidas and GoPro

Watch football like you never have before - from the ball's perspective
World Cup ball goes HD with Adidas

To add a new kick to the World Cup festivities, adidas has decided to add HD cameras to the official World Cup football, the Brazuca.

Basically, adidas has stuffed six GoPro HD cameras into the ball, with the setup combining to offer 360-degree views of the pitch as it's kicked around by celebrity footballers including Dani Alves, Xavi Hernandez, and Cristian Tello.

Why, you ask? Probably to keep us entertained while waiting for the biggest football event of the year. There'll be more videos on the official adidas Football YouTube channel as well as the official Brazuca Web site, showing life through the 'eyes' of a football.

A ball like no other?

Of course, the bonus is getting to see the Brazuca itself up close. The new ball is created from six pieces stiched together, with a colour scheme inspired by Brazilian Bahia wish bands.

Adidas' series of Official Match balls have been legendary, including the likes of the Telstar, Tango, and Tricolore. Then there was the controversial Jabulani at the last World Cup, which was widely panned by players claiming it was a nightmare that changed direction unexpectedly.

The World Cup is happening in San Paolo, Brazil on 12 June, and sees Brazil taking on Croatia for the opening match.

Let's just hope the Brazillians don't have an equivalent to the vuvuzela.

[Source: Cnet]