WhatsApp Web lets you continue chatting on Google Chrome

No more checking on your phone constantly; the popular chat app has spawned a web client for your discreet chat ease
WhatsApp Web mirrors your mobile conversations on Google Chrome

Meet WhatsApp Web, the chat app’s new web client that will allow you to move your smartphone conversations onto the desktop.

Announced via its blog, WhatsApp Web isn’t a separate chat app, it just mirrors what’s happening on your smartphone. Rest assured that that also means all your messages still live safe and sound on your device, and not on your office computer.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of that niggling apprehension, let’s move on.

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Get on it

WhatsApp Web mirrors your mobile conversations on Google Chrome

What you got to do first is make sure your WhatsApp and Google Chrome are appropriately up to date. Then, go to this page where a QR code to unlocking ultimate chat convenience will pop up. Scan it with your phone and you’re all set to chat via web, as long as your phone stays connected to the internet.

You know what this means, right? No more side-eyeing your phone to see what’s new in your 24 group chats, and you can pretend to be working on a spreadsheet, when you're actually talking about lunch plans. 

Unfortunately, iOS users aren't invited to this online group chat yet due to platform restrictions, but it's in the works. Patience, we’ll all be included one day. 

Source: WhatsApp via The Verge