Three HTC wearables in 2014? That's what Bloomberg heard

Insider info suggests that one of the three upcoming wearable gadgets will support Google Now
Three HTC wearable tech in 2014? That's what Bloomberg heard

Chalk one more on the rumour mill for HTC - instead of just one wearable device by the end of 2014, there might be three under the Taiwanese company’s line-up.

A source revealed to Bloomberg that HTC will be demonstrating a smartwatch prototype to carriers at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show. Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch and its Mirasol display are said to appear on the HTC smart wearable, along with Bluetooth options and a music player.

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Of the other two wearable gadgets, one of them will be an electronic bracelet that plays music. Nice way to blast your questionable Justin Bieber songs, but let’s hope it’s not what we expect.

The third smartwatch is supposedly linked to Google Now, which’ll connect the search giant’s extensive database to the smartwatch.

Getting into the wearable tech scene could pull HTC out of its slump, especially with its sliding profits and not-so-smart investments in companies that had a huge impact on its profit margin. Having three in a year? It’s either do or die for the Taiwanese smartphone maker.

[Source: Bloomberg via The Verge]