Samsung Galaxy Beam has a successor, and it’s been spotted in China

The projector-carrying Sammy is finally getting a follow-up after two years
Samsung Galaxy Beam has a successor, and it’s been seen in China

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Beam? You know, the Samsung phone that had a pico projector built-in?

No? Not surprising, it’s been two years since the phone was unveiled at MWC 2012, and it hasn’t exactly made any waves since then. Then again, when you have a phone that’s saddled with an old operating system (OS), less than stellar specs, and a huge case, it doesn’t exactly attract the right kind of attention.

Apparently, Samsung still thinks it’s a decent concept, its successor has been spotted in the telecommunication wilds of China. Nope it ain’t a knockoff - it’ll be China Mobile branded.

Details were spotted on China’s Tenaa site for certification, and it seems that its model number will be SM-G3858. Other nuggets of info point at a 4.66in WVGA display, Android 4.2.2, quad-core 1.2 GHz processor with 1GB of RAM, microSD slot, and GSM connectivity.

The Galaxy Beam has also been thinned down a bit at 11.6mm, which is a full millimeter thinner than the original. It's still portly compared to most other smartphones in the market, but when you’ve fitted a projector onto a smartphone, don’t expect it to be anything other than thick.

No official details on availability or release have been given yet, or whether it'll be a China-exclusive release. But really, would you want this odd projector-in-a-smartphone?

Source: Engadget