OPPO Reno Aces Celcom’s 5G Live Cluster Field Trial

The phone company has set its sights to be the pioneer of the 5G era

The fifth generation of mobile network technology aka 5G has been a big buzz in the local and international technology field. A huge leap forward from 4G, the next generation of mobile networking promises an evolution of connectivity in data download speeds, drone technology, telehealth, and IoT (Internet of Things) implementations. Celcom recently held the launch of their 5G Live Cluster Field Trial, demonstrating the potential of their upcoming 5G network in a 1.22 sq km area in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

During the 5G Live Cluster Field Trial, OPPO was given the honour to showcase Celcom’s 5G data connectivity with the OPPO Reno 10X, being one of the first smartphones to demonstrate its capability. The trial saw the Reno topping download speeds of a staggering 1.2Gbps, which was impressive and demonstrated the exciting potential of 5G connectivity for Malaysians in the near future.

“The coming in of 5G to Malaysia gives us the opportunity to innovate even further with smartphone technology and introduce the likes of VR and AR for everyday use. In collaboration with Celcom, we are excited to be a part of the 5G speed test and wish Celcom all the very best in introducing the latest in telecommunications to internet users in Malaysia,” said William Fang, CEO of OPPO Malaysia.

“OPPO is working closely with our partners like Qualcomm and Ericsson to make sure our 5G phone remain in best performance, OPPO is aiming to be the leading smartphone company in 5G era, and we will continue to explore the 5G application in different scenarios to provide a better experience to our users.”

With 5G implemented in the near future, Malaysia might one day see a whole new spectrum of possibilities in areas such as self-driving cars, improved public infrastructure, better healthcare services, and evolved smart devices with IoT.