The next device from Google is (drumroll)…. a spoon

But this is no humble spoon, it’s for those with Parkinson’s disease
The next device from Google is (drumroll)…. a spoon

Google has invested its effort, money, resources, and time into the creation of a new device and if you were thinking along the lines of a new tablet, smartphone, or eyewear, you’re wrong – this time, it’s a spoon.

Before you go “thanks, I’ve got enough spoons sitting in my kitchen drawer” and ignore the rest of this article, you should probably know that the search giant created it for a good cause.  

What does it do, you ask? Named Liftware, this spoon functions a bit more than your basic ones because they enable people with Parkinson's disease, or other movement impacting conditions like essential tremors, to eat without spilling over their food.

But here’s the alarming fact: there are more than 10 million people worldwide that have such conditions that affect their nerves and while a cure has yet to be found for it, Google’s invention could be a step towards positive change for them.

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Besides melting our hearts with its attempt at a community initiative, what the no-shake utensil senses how a hand is shaking (it’s got algorithm technology in it that lets it do so) and makes the necessary adjustments to maintain the balance.

According to Google, a few clinical trials were run on it, where it produced results that showed a reduction in the shaking of the spoon bowl by an average of 76 per cent (that’s a substantial amount, we reckon).

Oh, and did we fail to mention that Liftware also has a fork attachment, so it will help pick up those noodles without them slipping off too.

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[Source and image: Huffington Post