Lumos brings automatic brake lights and indicators to your cycling helmet

Not only does it protect your head, it tells drivers what you’re about to do

It seems that barely a week goes by without some poor rider being seriously injured or even killed on the roads, so cycling safety remains a hot topic in the news.

While there are myriad factors at work here – merely increasing the amount of cycle lanes would doubtless do wonders in reducing the accident figures – Boston-based startup Lumos thinks it’s come up with a solution that up cycling safety on two fronts.

The Lumos is a helmet (that’s the first front), which protects the cyclist’s head in much the same way as any other CSPC-certified bonce-shell – but it’s also a lighting system that increases the cyclist’s visibility and makes his or her intentions clearer to other road users.

All of the lights

On the back of the helmet there are brake lights, which are operated automatically. A built-in accelerometer detects when the bike is braking and fires up the lights. Quite clever, we think you’ll agree – but it goes even further.

The helmet also features indicators (or “turn signals” for our readers in the US), which can be operated wirelessly via a handlebar-mounted remote control. Tap a button when you’re about to make a turning and an arrow will indicate the direction, making it clear to nearby drivers what to expect.

Lumos is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, where backing the campaign to the tune of US$99 (RM380) will secure you your own light-laden helmet – assuming the funding target of US$125,000 is reached, of course.