Google Flights wants to help you plan cheaper holidays

Don't get stuck paying peak fares at peak times

Planning to make a trip soon? Google's Flights plans to make it a lot easier thanks to machine learning and statistical analyses of historical flight data.

Cheaper holidays?

According to Google, its Flights function can now help you pick the best time to book the flight that you want. 

You can search for specific destinations or choose the discover option, which will offer up options according to set guidelines that include duration, places or interest. For random recommendations, just select ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Any destination’.

The search results will include tips on pricing and price predictions pulled from Google's algorithms. 

You can then choose to be notified when prices drop by signing up for email price alerts - just opt into Hotel Price Tracking on your phone. The feature currently isn't available on desktop but it will be next year.

Don't forget to check out Google Trips’ Discounts feature that will give you access to deals. To check out the desktop version of Flights, head over here.

[Source: Google]