Firefox debuts new chat plugin

Hello is still in beta but is a great option for those looking for one
Firefox debuts new chat plugin

A chat program that does not need installation but isn't hosted on a webpage? That is the premise of Mozilla's new Firefox Hello chat that is part of its current beta.

Like Mozilla's usual offerings, Hello is completely free but with one distinction: it does not work just with Firefox but will work with any WebRTC-enabled browser, including Chrome and Opera.

Open, cross-platform chat

Firefox debuts new chat plugin

Why use Hello? It is a quick, simple option to allow chat as it does not even need an account registration to work. All you need is to send a chat shortcut to the person you wish to speak to and clicking on that link will start a conversation.

It's simple, fuss-free and runs on the OpenTok platform. Of course, for added convenience you can (but not necessarily) register a Firefox account for one-click chat with family and friends.

Contact management is also a feature of Hello, with the ability to add contacts and you can just import contacts from your own address book.

Left out of the Hello party are two browsers: Safari and Internet Explorer. This could be slightly challenging for those who aren't keen on installing or using WebRTC browsers.

Still this could be a boon to those dealing with people they might want to chat with quickly. Be noted that this is a beta and could be pretty buggy.

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[Source: CNet]