Facebook's new feature tests how well you know yourself (and your friends)

One for the oversharers

Facebook's quietly released a feature called 'Did You Know' that asks you questions

Be prepared to overshare

The feature is easy enough to use. Go to your profile and scroll down the left until you see the 'Did You Know' sidebar box.

It will generate random questions which you can choose to answer. Most of the questions are fairly innocuous - which food you would never give up, your favourite time of day, the celebrity you would be for a day, for instance.

You can also add a background photo, colour or pattern to your answer to jazz it up so it will look interesting on your Facebook profile. In case you want to limit who sees it, you can choose who can see what you post too. There is, of course, the option to make it public so your friends can take the quiz too. Which may be a useful tool when it comes to doing your annual spring-cleaning of Facebook friends.

This will probably remind you of the random Q&A lists that circulate on social media and is yet another of Facebook's creations to keep you within its pages. Still, it could be a fun way of discovering more about that person you've been stalking.