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LG’s latest headphones mean you can take Dolby Atmos wherever you go

The latest Xboom speaker and Tone earbuds from LG pack in Dolby Atmos surround sound you can take with you on the move

LG Atmos XBOOM and Tones

Dolby Atmos is the gold standard for surround sound. It’s one of the top features to look out for when buying the latest home cinema speakers. But what if you want to take this surround sound on the go? LG’s latest Tone wireless earbuds mean you can take Dolby Atmos with you, wherever you go. And if you want bigger sound, there’s an Xboom speaker on offer as well.

The star of the show here is the LG Tone Free T90S earbuds. They’re are not just another pair of earbuds to toss in your bag. LG has pumped them full of tech, including pure graphene for the drivers. For those not in the know, graphene is this wonder material that’s not only feather-light but also robust, perfect for delivering crisp, clean sounds that can make your tunes sound as though they’re unfolding right between your ears.

And these earbuds come equipped with Dolby Atmos and something called Dolby Head Tracking. If you’re watching a film, and you turn your head, the sound adjusts to keep you in the middle of the action. It’s like being in the cinema, but instead, you’re just turning your noggin on the sofa while shoving popcorn in your face. There’s also UV tech in the charging case to clean your buds when you take them off.

LG Tone earbuds Dolby Atmos

Also letting you take Dolby Atmos on the go is the new LG Xboom speaker – albeit with a bigger punch. The Xboom 360 and its siblings like the portable XG8 and rugged XG2 are ready to turn any location into a mini performance. The XBoom speakers are designed to pump out sound that’s not only loud but also clear, enveloping, and, frankly, quite mood-enhancing with their fancy light shows. On the top, you’ll find accent lighting, and the whole shebang will keep playing for around 15 hours.

The Tone T90S earbuds are hitting the shelves on the 24th May and will set you back £229. If you’re more in the market for some booming sound from the Xboom series, the XG8 is launching on the 30th May. Meanwhile, the XG2 and the 360 are ready to go at £70 and £200, respectively. All these audio gadgets are up for grabs directly from LG.

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