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The Dyson Supersonic R hairdryer you probably can’t buy is now available

The latest version of the Supersonic is only available for stylists but it makes hair drying faster than ever

Dyson Supersonic r in a salon

While Dyson is synonymous with making your home cleaner than a germaphobe’s dream, its range of styling products are proving increasingly popular.

The iconic 2016 Supersonic hairdryer is super-compact thanks to some swish motor tech. And now there’s a new version that’ll make drying your hair even faster. But there’s a catch.

The new Dyson Supersonic R is made for professional stylists and so it’ll only be available to them at launch – though we reckon it’ll be available to a wider audience in due course. It’s Dyson‘s lightest, smallest, and most precise hairdryer yet. It’s actually 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the last model, since it miniturises the tech inside. You’ll find the Dyson Hyperdymium motor, doing the heavy lifting.

Dyson chatted up 696 stylists to figure out what bugs them the most. The answer? Everything from the physical toll of styling hair all day to finding a hairdryer that doesn’t fry hair like an overzealous barbecue. The new Supersonic R (or ‘r’ as Dyson styles it) is the brand’s answer to these problems.

The Supersonic R comes with an ‘r’ curve design that makes it easier to hold. As we mentioned, it’s the smallest and lightest model yet – actually weighing less than a bottle of hairspray. The streamlined flow heater ensures even heat distribution, so you’re not accidentally torching one section of your client’s hair. And the clever RFID-enabled attachments adjust settings on the fly, adjusting airflow and temperature for optimal styling, as needed.

The goal here is to make something that makes hair stylists’ jobs a little easier, cutting down on the time it takes to dry hair. Dyson’s Supersonic R is available exclusively to hairstyling professionals – you’ll need to be approved! It’s up for grabs now, and will set you (or your salon) back £375 without VAT. You can sign up to order it directly from Dyson.

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