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Dyson’s Supersonic Nural will actually protect your scalp: it’s now available

The Supersonic Nural is Dyson's first new hairdryer in a decade and smarter than ever with new scalp protecting features

Dyson's new Supersonic Nural hairdryer

Back in 2016, Dyson took the grooming world by storm with the Supersonic hairdryer. It’s got a powerful motor tucked in the back, is quieter than most hairdryers, and, you know, has a hole down the middle. And the home-cleaning giant is back at it again with the new Supersonic Nural – Dyson’s first new hairdryer in a decade. It’s smarter than ever with learning technology and a way to actually protect your scalp.

According to Dyson, the key to avoiding looking like you’ve been in a tussle with an electric socket is dodging heat damage. By not getting too hot, you’ll have a healthier scalp and locks. Enter the Supersonic Nural with its nifty sensor that detects how close it is to your scalp. Why? So it can dial down the heat to keep your scalp from singing and your hair from frying. The result? Shiny hair, no heat damage, and a styling experience that’s as pampering as it gets.

But the new Supersonic Nural has plenty more tricks up its sleeve. For one, there’s attachment learning, which remembers your heat settings for an attachment and applies them next time around. There’s also pause detection, which will stop the heat from blasting when you’re not using it to dry.

Plus, there are a bunch of new LED lights to indicate what the hairdryer is doing. They’re useful for you to keep an eye on things and look rather swish. And because Dyson understands one size doesn’t fit all, they’ve thrown in a few new attachments. The Wave+Curl diffuser promises to shape and define without the usual fuss.

So, when can you get your hands on this next-gen hair-taming device? After being unveiled back in March, the Supersonic Nural is now available. It’ll set you back £400/€450, depending on where you call home. You can order it directly from Dyson in blue or purple, and it comes with a set of five attachments to play with. As for the rest of the globe, you’ll have to sit tight for a bit longer.

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