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DIY home grooming hacks: The top techniques every man should know to look their best

Tips and tricks for looking sharp and getting your professional cut at home

The male grooming market is snowballing; more than ever men don’t feel embarrassed about looking after themselves. This is likely thanks to the changing attitudes towards how the male population should behave when it comes to self-care – they’re happy to try new things and experiment.

But knowing just how to look your best doesn’t always come easy, so we’ve compiled some of the best home grooming hacks to get you looking on fleek and super chic.

Keep it trim with a multi-groomer

First things first: body hair. Nothing makes you feel more groomed than a good ol’ tip to toe trim. Our advice is to invest in a good quality body groomer to keep all those nooks and crannies neat and tidy. We recommend the Wahl Stainless Steel 11 in 1 Multigroomer. This nifty grooming gadget boasts all the bells and whistles for taming the beard all the way down to the nether regions. There’s four interchangeable heads, Precision Ground Blades for the best-in-class cutting performance, and an impressive 360 minutes of cordless running time.

Ice your face to beat hangover puffiness

The face is always the first telltale sign that you’re recovering from a heavy night. The answer? Head for the freezer and reach for the ice. Or a pack of frozen peas will work just as well. Simply place it on your face for a few minutes for a quick kick of anti-inflammatory treatment. This won’t only give you that instant fresh look right when you need it (just before a work meeting, maybe), but it’ll help wake you up if you’re lagging a bit. Win-win! 

Hand cream: a multi-purpose affair

Besides giving you hands soft enough to make your mother jealous, hand cream has a surprising alternative use. After treating your hands, take the excess to your head. That’s right, hand cream can also be used to smooth out rough or frizzy hair. Retain that suave slick look by simply running it through your barnet and boom! Instant shine.

Shave after showering, not before

For many men, shaving is something we do before showering. Yes, it makes sense to wash away the excess foam and any leftover stubble under the shower head, but if you switch up your routine and shave afterwards, you might find the whole process less of a hassle. 

This is because your hair follicles are made softer after being drenched in hot water, which in turn makes it easier to shave them off and less likely to result in razor burn. 

Clean your ears with olive oil

We’ve all been warned of the dangers of ramming cotton buds down our earholes in the hope to pull out tiny nuggets of gold, so it’s about time we should actually listen and stop doing it. For a more effective and safer alternative, grab a bottle of olive oil. And no, not for frying your eggs. Apply a few drops – from a clean bottle not the remnants from your Greek salad – into the ear lobe. This helps lubricate your inner lugs and loosen wax so it falls out of its own accord. Pro tip: use a sterilised eyedropper to dispense it accurately and prevent it from hitting your clothes. That stuff can stain. 

Use lip balm to treat shaving wounds

A lip balm isn’t just an effective tool to have in your pocket during winter when temperatures drop and your lips look as crusty as a sourdough bread loaf. Oh no, this handy stick can double up as a home remedy for those small yet prickly shaving wounds. All you have to do is apply an unused lip balm to the nick and the layer of moisture left behind will provide a nourishing barrier that keeps blood from pouring out. This is thanks to its waxy texture, which works to create a seal on the wound by allowing a clot to form. You’re welcome.

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