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Stuff’s pick of the best new health and grooming tech to pamper yourself

Everything you need to look after yourself. Because you're worth it


In our quest to uncover the best health tech, we’ve scoured the industry for cutting-edge devices that promise to revolutionise your daily regimen. From state-of-the-art massage guns to ultra-precise electric shavers, high-tech toothbrushes, and advanced air purifiers, we’ve rounded up the cream of the crop.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your fitness recovery, achieve a closer shave, or breathe cleaner air, our comprehensive guide has you covered…

Remington Ultimate Series RX5 Head Shaver

Whether you’re embracing the inevitable genes that nature dealt you, or simply want that smooth-shaved look, the RX5 is here to make it painless. Its five cutting heads make for a much larger surface area than regular triple-head facial shavers, making quicker work of your bonce while minimising irritation. The flexible-necked design also allows it to stick closely to your wonky contours.

The built-in rechargeable battery should be good for 50 minutes of use per charge; given that it’s capable of shaving your entire head in less than two mins, you should be OK even if you’re on holiday and forgot to pack the charger. And the waterproof build makes it compatible with shower use and shaving foam, as well as ensuring easy clean-up.

Simba Apex Mattress


Never skimp on things that separate you from the ground. Shoes… chairs… tyres… and especially mattresses. This one is a sumptuous combo of wool, cashmere and mohair, while Simba’s QuadCore spring tech ensures precise pressure relief and spinal alignment, catering to all body shapes and sleeping styles.

Laifen Wave

How many times have you lamented the fact that your toothbrush doesn’t have an ultra-wide 60° oscillating motion? You’ve lost count? Well, lament no more, for the Laifen Wave is here to provide you with precisely that, via a head that vibrates up to 66,000 times a minute.

Andis Galaxy Slimline Pro Li Trimmer

If you’re a sucker for ‘cosmic oil slick’ colours and you’re in the market for a new trimmer, you’re in luck. This one also has extra-sharp T-blades for an ultra-close cut, and a battery offering 2hrs of cordless snipping. The Galaxy finish is a limited edition.

Theragun Pro Plus

Therabody’s flagship massage gun delivers great limb-shaking power and versatility. With its ergonomic triangular design it targets hard-to-reach areas, while customisable massage routines (via the app) offer guidance to those unsure of where to start and a range of attachments make short work of all your muscular aches.

Loop Earplugs Switch

best health tech loops ear

Whether you want to save your eardrums from tinnitus or simply filter out pub noise, these earplugs have you covered thanks to three-way noise-reduction mode switches. They’re made of hypoallergenic plastic with silicone tips for all-day wear.

Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7

Braun’s most advanced IPL hair removal device promises smooth, stubble-free skin through smarter zapping. The Skin i-Expert system analyses your skin tone and personalises treatment, adapting its light intensity for optimal results. It should last 22 years of use, or 400,000 flashes.

GHD Chronos

best health tech ghd chronos

In case you thought hair straighteners were not the sort of product that could throw up techy stats, how about these from GHD: 3x faster styling, up to 85% more shine, 2x less frizz. Impressive stuff, though we can’t guarantee they used a well-calibrated shine-ometer.

Shark Never Change 5 Air Purifier

best health tech shark never change

With its sinister spaceship aesthetic, Shark’s air purifier stands out from most drab rivals. Better yet, it’s been specially designed to ensure you won’t need to change the filter for up to five years… so not strictly ‘never’, but near enough.

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