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Stuff’s pick of the best new smart home tech to propel you into the future

From connected outdoor lights, to robot lawn mowers, clever locks, and more...


Looking to upgrade your humble abode with the best smart home tech? You’re in luck — we’ve curated the latest and most impressive gadgets that promise to make your home life smoother and more efficient.

From clever robot vacuums that keep your floors spotless, to smart cameras that bolster your security, and innovative door locks that add convenience to your daily routine, the world of smart home technology is brimming with exciting options. And, without any further delay, here they are:

SwitchBot S10


While nobody has yet launched a dishwasher that flings out plates and cutlery via an automated catapult system (patent pending), we can at least revel in the fact that robot vacs have come a long way.

The SwitchBot S10 is a fine example of one of the best smart home tech pieces around, and it goes above and beyond what most robot vacuum cleaners are capable of thanks to its water station — a clever bit of kit that plumbs into your home’s pipes, allowing the mopping part of the machine to automatically top itself up with clean water while draining out the dirty stuff. That station is powered by the S10 itself, so you don’t have to worry about installing it by a plug socket. Also included is a charging station that empties the vac’s dust and debris for up to 10 weeks before it needs emptying.

Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330


Dodgy Wi-Fi? No worries. This security cam has built-in 4G connectivity that automatically selects the strongest network in your area – it’s an all-seeing, never-sleeping camera system, bolstered by a hefty 9400 mAh battery and bundled solar panel. The 100-lumen spotlight and 4K resolution – in colour, day and night – aren’t too shabby either.

Chipolo One Point


Essentially an AirTag for Android (only a bit cheaper because, y’know, it’s not Apple), this is a compact Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate your lost items with ease. Its loud alarm and long-lasting battery make it good for keeping track of keys or other valuables using the Find My Device app.

AnkerWork S600

This all-in-one speakerphone strives to be an indispensable companion for your home office. Its Voiceprint tech responds only to you and cancels out other voices, the built-in phone stand for video calls doubles as a 15W wireless charger, and it offers 360° sound and 16hr battery life.

Imou DB60

There’s somebody at the door! They want to know if we’re interested in a smart doorbell with 2K video, motion detection and two-way audio allowing you to monitor your home and communicate with visitors from anywhere, plus IR night vision and a 164° viewing angle, not to mention an included chime! Well, yes, I think we are.

Logitech Mevo Core

best smart home tech logitech mevo

Don’t call this a mere webcam: the Mevo Core is an all-in-one livestreaming solution, offering high-quality video (record in 4K or stream in 1080p) and integration with the likes of Twitch and YouTube. The battery life of up to 6hrs will be plenty unless you plan to stream actual paint drying.

Nanoleaf Smart Outdoor String Lights

Nanoleaf’s multicoloured string lights catch the eye in more ways than one, with the base 15m kit including 20 quirky-shaped LED bulbs. Your linking options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Matter and voice control via your smart home system. A (literal) shining example of some of the best smart home tech money can buy.

Segway Navimow i105E

best smart home tech segway

Segway used to make those, er, things. Now it makes other stuff, including this (quite literally) cutting-edge robot lawnmower. Our review in the April issue described it as “a practically perfect robo-mower in every way”, thanks to its wire-free navigation system and advanced object-dodging skills.

Securaki Smart Lock

This touts itself as the most compatible smart lock on the market, playing nicely with 90% of all door locks in the UK. A quick install with no drilling, it brings Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access control and monitoring via an app or your smart assistant.

Swann AllSecure4K+

best smart home tech swann

Swann’s latest four-camera kit provides 4K video surveillance with motion detection and cloud storage, ensuring your home (or secret Lego laboratory) is protected around the clock. All the cameras are wire-free; just pop out the rechargeable batteries to top them up as needed.

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