Facebook probably knows you better than your BFF does

It's creepy but it seems computers can amass enough knowledge to understand your behaviour patterns better than your friends can
Facebook probably knows your better than your BFF does

A Cambridge study says that a computer would be far more accurate in its assessment of you compared to anyone, really, except perhaps your spouse. With just 10 Facebook Likes, apparently a computer can suss your personality traits. In the study's abstract, the researchers state: "Our findings highlight that people’s personalities can be predicted automatically and without involving human social-cognitive skills."

So that old adage about no one knowing you better than a parent or loved one could be anything but true.

Your digital best friend

Facebook probably knows your better than your BFF does

The study compared how accurate a computer's personality judgements were compared to a sample of 86,220 volunteers who completed a 100-question personality test.

It was interesting that the study mentioned the film Her, where the protagonist falls in love with an operating system. The computer managed to understand and respond to him better than women could by curating and analysing his digital records.

Other than that, an interesting finding was that humans and computers discerned different aspects of personalities, though when it came to overall personality judgement, computers did far better.

What is the possible implications of the study? Well, computers would probably be used more often in hiring processes so best start locking up those Facebook profiles as the machines might soon know too much about you.

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[Source: The Register]