All the awesome LG home electronics coming this year

LG OLED and Super UHD TVs, InstaView fridge, two-in-one washing machine and more

Just when you thought you couldn’t fit “Smart” into everything, LG comes along with a wave of smart home innovations our way.

The company unvieled its new TVs and home appliances for a first-hand look of what's arriving this year, and Stuff was there to try all the cool new stuff (pardon the pun). 

LG OLED and Super UHD TVs

First stop, televisions. The LG OLED TV 4K series has self lighting pixels that produce great colours and the purest blacks, since the pixels turn off completely (non OLEDs display black with hint of gray). Plus there’s support for premium HDR content by Dolby Vision and surround sound using Dolby Atmos tech. If you’re rolling in dough, there’s the massive 77-inch Signature G7 measuring only 2mm thick to grace your living room, or you could settle for the 55 - 66-inch OLED models. 

Then there’s the LG Super UHD TV line, outfitted with Nano Cell Display tech - it's integrated into the LCD for improved colours 64 times richer, no matter where you’re sitting on the couch. Colours look perfect even when you’re seated at the side of the TV, perfect for a Netflix binge watching night with friends. Did I mention LG’s OLED and UHD TVs are Netflix recommended?







LG CordZero

To clean up the mess your friends made, LG has its CordZero line of cleaning gadgets, no cords included. There’s the CordZero handstick with two battery packs for 60-minutes runtime, a Hom-Bot Square robot vacuum and the star of the collection, the LG CordZero. Looks like a regular canister vacuum cleaner, but the wheels are outfitted with RoboSense tech, which follows you as you vacuum around the house. I’m naming mine Robbie.

No suction power has been sacrificed in the making of these cordless cleaners. In fact, the CordZero could suck up to 1.1kg of weight.