For 30th Air Jordan anniversary, Nike creates a Michael Jordan sim

For all the kids who wanted to be Michael Jordan growing up this lets you reenact one of the NBA's defining moments

Air Jordans have apparently been around for 30 years and Nike decided that was worthy of an unusual installation - an interactive experience where you could reenact Michael Jordan's play during the final minute of the 1998 NBA Finals.

On display at the Jordan All-Star Weekend exhibition, you are shown where exactly to move and dribble. It's not all done with tech magic - actual people play defence against you in the court.

Reliving a fantasy in real-time

Nike worked together with a video production company, Stardust, and Agency AKQA to create an immersive experience which sees the walls around the court disappear to be replaced by video images of the crowd that attended the finals that day. A play-by-play announcer (also an actual person, not a hologram or recording) will be calling out your every move.

Though despite the props and well-choreographed scenario, it'll be entirely left to you, the player in the simulation, whether you actually get to make that shot. As the video proves, Michael Jordan may have made it look easy but it really, really wasn't.

Still, you have to give it to Nike for coming up to something that apes the virtual reality experience minus the dinky glasses.

[Source: TheBigLead]