Smartwatches are the in thing today, and what's good to know is that they come in a range of affordability that can fit within your budget. Sure, those on the lower spectrum tend to have limited features, but as long as it fits to your needs then that's not such a big deal.


Now that anyone can afford a smartwatch that can fit to your budget and needs, Lenovo has also come up with a line of smartwatches to consider. While their most affordable is the Lenovo Heart Rate Band G03, the next on their list is the Lenovo WD06 Color Screen Heart Rate Band which has plenty of great features, and looks worthy for you to consider if you want a better smartwatch with better features.

A Colourful Display

The Lenovo WD06's standout feature is its colourful screen, with it actually being customisable too. The vibrant colours makes it easier to go through your options, especially if you're the type who needs a better way to distinguish your options and what you would like to track. 


Straight off though, there is a major problem that many may not like. As it is a touch screen with a lack of any buttons for further navigation, you will have to slide through the options on the smartwatch, and that's where it gets tricky; it can be a bit clunky to go through and select your options.


With a 0.96” Colour TFT 160*80 Display, the screen does look amazing and vibrant, but remained a challenge to navigate through the options and figure out where to set up your workout, read your messages, or even just keep track of your heart rate and steps. There were also times where I selected the wrong workout to start, and with no back button, I had no choice but to wait for the countdown to end before I can stop and delete the workout. Thankfully, the countdown is a painless 3 seconds.


But as mentioned, the screen remains amazing and you can still read your messages easily and also get calls and notifications. No features to reply or answer, but that may be for the best judging by the screen.

Keeping active

The major attraction of smartwatches today is its ability to keep track of your heart rate and steps. So how does the Lenovo WD06 fare? Overall, I can say that it does its job pretty well, though I have my doubts on whether or not the numbers tracked are accurate. It does have a live tracking of your heart rate and calorie burned but it feels slow, like it takes a little too much time to reach the accurate numbers.


Another challenge is that it takes time for these numbers to appear on the app as well. I would recommend waiting for 10 minutes and beyond to really get a picture of your results so if that’s fine with you, then this smartwatch is fine. But if you’re the type who needs information fast, this smartwatch has some issues in that department.

Lenovo Fit App

There's also the Lenovo Fit app which you will need to match with your smartwatch. It’s as good as a fitness app can be, though throughout the review it went through a few iterations. The earlier ones felt like a mess and wasn’t user friendly at all, but it has improved throughout time right up to this current iteration pictured. But as mentioned earlier, it takes time to get the information from the smartwatch so while it has improved, getting information still takes too long.


There's no way of keeping track via your dashboard either, so that's that.

Great battery life

I will give this smartwatch an A+ on battery life though, as it lasted a lot longer than I expected. With only 80mAh battery, it actually does manage to last up to 5-7 days, likely due to its simple process power. I will say, though, that I find the charging style odd, as you will need to remove the straps and plug the device straight to a USB port. 


With that said though I can imagine it's incredibly convenient for those who like the idea of not needing to carry another wire or device on them to charge their smartwatch.

Final Verdict

The Lenovo WD06 is actually a pretty good smartwatch despite its many misgivings, but it will only work for those who're willing to overlook its flaws in turn for its price and features. Even so, some may find other smartwatches around the same price range a lot more affordable, and a lot more user friendly which means Lenovo still has some work to do in the smartwatch department.

Stuff says... 

Lenovo WD06 Color Screen Heart Rate Band review

A decent smartwatch with a great screen and a user friendly app to boot, ruined only by the inability to navigate on the watch easily.
Good Stuff 
Colourful display to make choosing options easier
Great battery life
Bad Stuff 
Really clunky touch screen
Lack of a button makes it hard to navigate
Inaccurate and slow tracker updates