The Fiesta ST's numbers add up to maximum hoots

Three cylinders, one turbocharger… less than RM110k
29 March 2017 / 0:19MYT

There’s a sort of rule that engines with an uneven number of cylinders sound ace. Just in case this turns out to be the exception, Ford has given the new turbocharged three-cylinder ST the Mustang’s active exhaust valve kit, which can add or subtract rorty sound effects depending on your mood. And then, just for larks, it’s wired up the EcoBoost ST with Sport and Track modes that tweak the traction, stability and torque-vectoring widgetry. Of all the cars that launched at this year's Geneva Motor Show, this is probably the most attainable - it'll be here this year, for under £20k (RM110k).

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