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Love - season 2

"Created, written and executive produced by Judd Apatow" is a phrase that's a lot more exciting to some people than to others, but if you're even slightly drawn to his particular brand of mumbly, honest, relationship-based humour, you'll almost certainly enjoy this new 10-part Netflix Original.

Love is a story of two useless, directionless, loveless people at opposite ends of the loser spectrum, who bumble into each other's lives and begin a relationship that at many times isn't particularly good for either of them. This isn't laugh-a-minute stuff, but spending time with the substance-abusing Mickey (Community's Gillian Jacobs) and pathetic pushover Gus (Paul Rust) is an occasionally painfully awkward, occasionally guffaw-inducing pleasure.

The second series, just added, refines the formula. It's still far from a TV show for everyone, but if you liked the first series you'll love the second.

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Better Call Saul may have begun as “just” a Breaking Bad spinoff, but it’s quickly established itself as a fantastic drama show in its own right. A little breezier in tone than the show that spawned it, but still high on suspense, masterful plotting and conflicted, interesting characters, it’s telling the Saul Goodman story – one which Breaking Bad viewers already know the end of – in a stylish and compelling way.

The third season’s now in full swing (with the entrance of Gus Fring – hey, that’s a rhyme) with new episodes appearing on Netflix every Tuesday.

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Santa Clarita Diet

No, this isn’t the latest diet fad - at least we hope not. This is The Walking Dead meets Dexter, served up with lashings of humour. Drew Barrymore stars as your regular real estate agent until she discovers that she has developed a taste for human flesh. So what’s a family to do in trying times like these? Help her hunt for food, obviously.

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Riverdale Archie and gang star in this teen mystery drama. But it’s not the same freckle faced Archie that we all know and love - this Archie is kind of different. While the same Betty and Veronica love triangle exists, Miss Grundy is also sort of involved. The show revolves around the disappearance of Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother and reveals the different characters’ secrets along the way.

Watch if you don’t mind ruining your childhood. You can do it in small tolerable doses since there’s just one new episode a week.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

On paper, A Series of Unfortunate Events sounds horrible. Child abuse, killer leeches and a relentless serial killer all sound like ingredients in a decidedly unpleasant recipe for adults rather than a piece of family entertainment, but those familiar with the original novels and/or the Jim Carrey film with roughly the same name will know that the grime and darkness pretense is actually a vehicle for goofy characters and storybook charm.

The TV series is faithful to the original stories, following the lives of orphans Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, who find themselves in the 'care' of the cruel Count Olaf, here played with delightful nastiness by Neil Patrick Harris.

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