OnePlus Cardboard will bring OnePlus 2 to your living room

Two is better than One?

If anyone knows how to keep their eager fans wanting for more, it is OnePlus.

First came the spec updates about their upcoming phone, via their blog and now we have confirmation about the launch date for the OnePlus Two. The company’s new smartphone will be launched on the 27th of this month and it should be one of a kind.

OnePlus will be the first company to reveal their new flagship product via a VR (virtual reality) launch, as it believes VR is the future. The OnePlus Cardboard VR kit, is what will make it all possible. It adheres to the latest specs that were unveiled at Google I/O this year and uses a stronger, thicker material and added high-quality velcro for maximum durability.

The kit itself is coated with a special film that keeps dirt and oil at bay and should feel premium to touch and use (we will tell you all about it once the kit reaches us). The optics have been enhanced to deliver a eye-popping experience while reducing the overall size by 20%. It will fit your OnePlus One as snugly as a you fit in your couch over the weekend. OnePlus’s Cardboard VR kit is also compatible with any device up to 6in in size.

So, how do you get your hands on one?

Eager fans here can win it for free, OnePlus will even take care of the shipping cost. To take part, just fill up this form. Winners will then be chosen at random

The contest closes by mid-night today, so you will need to hurry! But, if you do happen to miss out on the contest, don’t cry tears of blood as yet, because you can head to and buy it for 99. OnePlus is yet to confirm the exact date, but we reckon it should be somewhere in the third week of this month.