Dell G3 15 and G5 15 SE are for gamers on a cash crunch

Most affordable in the line-up
24 July 2020 / 12:45IST

If you’re looking to squeeze every bit of performance from your gaming laptop without steamrolling your wallet for its precious resources, Dell has finally launched its line of gaming laptops. The G3 15 is probably the most affordable on the list and starts at ₹73,990. You can either bag an Nvidia GTX1650 or a 1650Ti on this and even push the processor to up to i7 10th Gen. Dell has also finally embraced team red with G5 15 SE. Sporting the new Ryzen 4000-H series processors along with AMD Radeon RX 5600M GPUs. The G5 15 SE starts at ₹74,990 and both laptops are available now. You can even check out the G5 15 that starts at ₹82,590 or really go wild and crush the bank balance with the 2020 version of Alienware M15 R3 which starts at ₹2lakhs.

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