Picture, picture on the wall, Netgear Meural Canvas got ‘em all

Because Picasso can be very expensive...
02 August 2019 / 18:35IST

Running out of walls to hang your esteemed art collection? Netgear has a digital solution for your flavourful pickings. The Netgear Meural Canvas is a large digital frame that hangs on your wall and lets you change digital artwork and photographs at your fancy. Throw in a glass of wine, a recliner and Alexa on a fine Sunday evening and you’ve got a perfect mixture for confused art critics. Don’t worry, if Picasso feels too intrusive for your wine and dine guests then a three year long pre-paid membership to over 30,000 images from various artists and institutions will definitely have something to fit the vibe. The 1080p matte and anti glare display can also be used to display photographs of your loved ones and it comes in two sizes - 27in and 21.5in with four frame colours - black, white, light wood and dark wood. If you’ve got ₹75,000 (starting price) just lying around for a slab of colours, going digital can save you the headache of mortgaging your organs for a piece from Picasso.

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