LG’s new Instaview French Door refrigerator spies on your food

Knock, knock
02 September 2021 / 12:25IST

Peeping into the fridge every couple of hours to see if anything worth eating has magically appeared is now outdated – not to mention harmful for the environment. LG’s Instaview French Door refrigerator, as the name suggests, lets you peep inside with two quick knocks. It has a glass panel fitted that illuminates to let you spy on your food. LG claims that not opening the fridge door frequently reduces cold air loss by up to 41% and increases the efficiency of the device. This being an internet-enabled appliance, you can control aspects of it via the LG ThinQ app. Apps like these usually let you set reminders, shopping lists, and also remotely monitor items in the fridge. The LG Instaview French Door refrigerator is priced at ₹3,29,990, and it is available across the company’s retail channels.

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