The straight outta sci-fi Sgnl wristband lets you take a phone call with your finger

Yes, you read that correctly
09 January 2018 / 11:15IST

Sticking your fingers in your ears generally serves two purposes: emergency wax removal (seriously, use a cotton bud) and blocking out the football scores when the news comes on. Invest in a Sgnl wristband, however, and you’re going to be jabbing your digit in your lughole a lot more often. The wacky device, a successfully kickstarted spin-off from Samsung’s C-Lab, essentially turns your fingertip into a receiver. Once connected to your smartphone, the band transmits sound through your wrist and hand, which you’re then able to hear by raising your finger to your ear. A mic on the band allows for conversations, and you can store up to five contacts on the Sgnl itself for speedy dialling. Does the world need this? Absolutely not, but the word on the street is that it really does work as advertised. The band can also do regular notifications and fitness tracking stuff, and will attach to your watch face (including the Apple Watch) to save overloading your arm with tech. It launches in March for $249 (which converts to about ₹15,800).