Lamborghini’s latest goes topless and we can’t look away

You might want to wipe the drool off your chin now
14 September 2017 / 17:25IST

Just look at it. No, no, you’re still reading. Stop reading and just look at it for a while. There, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk a bit about what we are looking at. This my fellow admirers, is the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. And doing justice to the way it looks are its specs which are frankly stratospheric. You won’t see any of that turbocharged nonsense here, this has a thoroughbred, naturally-aspirated V12 churning 740hp of power, an eye-watering (literally) top speed of 350kmph, and neck-cracking acceleration of 0-100kmph in 3 seconds. The biggest number of them all however is the price. ₹5.79 crore, if you are interested. Absolutely worth it though, since it looks like it’s going at warp speed when it’s just resting in your garage and makes others look like they are standing still when it hits the road. Forget the iPhone X, this is what we would sell our kidneys for, and half a liver, hey, what else can we survive without?

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