Stuff Picks: Star Wars

The release of The Last Jedi left you keen to invest in some techy new merch? Remember to use the Force – or, failing that, a debit card

We keep bashing some of the older Star Wars films but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their tech and their gadgets still reign supreme. 

In a galaxy far, far away, while the battle of existence continues, our mission this month has been to bring you the best of Star Wars. With the new release still fresh in your minds and the Force still strong, pick up a gift from this heady mix of tech and non-tech paraphernalia, and freedom and justice shall be restored. 

Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter (₹8242)

It must be hard designing new spaceships in the Star Wars universe – there are so many iconic designs already that you just end up smoothing things out, sharpening them up or simply making them bigger. Take Kylo’s new TIE Fighter as an example – it looks a lot like Darth’s original classic, only pointier at the front and a tad slimmer. Maybe these improvements make it less prone to spinning out of trenches and off into space… anyway, we’re pretty sure the Lego version of Darth’s didn’t have firing lasers, or come close to the 630 pieces in this easy-to-build kit. As a bonus, Kylo comes with a double-sided head, so you can choose whether he’s a fully angry emo or merely disgruntled. The see-through red bricks in the cockpit give an excellent evil glow, perfect for shooting down rebel scum.

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Additional Words: Ryan Jones

Star Wars Han Solo Fridge (₹8900 (approx)

We’re not loners, but every once-in-a-while, the escape into the mancave surrounded by cans of beer and empty pizza boxes is an occurrence of a parallel universe. Maybe even of this one, if the kids are packed off to a remote location, and you have just your newly-bought 4K telly and a stack of Blu-rays for company. Princess Leia may not have been looking for a drink the day she disguised herself as Boushh, but our tall, cold one being at arm’s length is what our happiness is made of. This portable little piece of equipment ensures your “bounty” is within reach... that too up to 18 cans - geeky glory at its best, wouldn’t you agree? A fridge that cools or heats its contents - this Carbonite Han Solo is as dedicated to the common good as his character. The handle on top gives the loner the option to be a team player as well. When you feel more sociable, grab the handle and join your friends.

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Shpero App-Controlled R2-D2 (₹12,550)

A Pringles tube, a water bottle, a postbox, an AA battery, a dustbin, a pack of Trebor mints… nope, there really never has been a more loveable cylindrical object in our lives than this guy. With spritely whistles and bleeps, mini Artoo does not disappoint. This LED-clad ’bot can take the occasional tumble and is speedy to set up, meaning you can have him up and ready to explore your home as soon as you’ve downloaded the app and charged him up. Does R2-D2 look lonely? Sit him next to one of Sphero’s other Star Wars droids and they’ll have a bleepy chinwag. As well as choosing control modes, the app allows you to select an icon to trigger a classic Artoo act. We like watching him fall over. As well as choosing control modes, the app allows you to select an icon to trigger a classic Artoo act. We like watching him fall over. Does R2-D2 look lonely? Sit him next to one of Sphero’s other Star Wars droids and they’ll have a bleepy chinwag. 

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Additional Words: Natalya Paul

American Tourister Hard Spinner Trolley (₹16,933)

There’s always the option of spending your money on sensible adult things, but we’re not ready for that kind of commitment. You’re likely to spot a six year old carrying a cooler trolley bag these days, if only you were to step into an airport. And you may as well, because this 28in hard spinner is way cooler than anything your silent (six year old) competitor may be lugging around, and, admit it, there’s a dark side to you that competes with six year olds and their trolley bags. You’re in full Star Wars mode and can’t be going down without a serious fight. The Galactic Empire has a steady soldier on-board. This tough trolley will last you a good many trips without wear and tear. A bag this unique will be easy to spot on the belt. Throw in Yoda’s “Judge me by my size, do you?” If you catch a fellow passenger’s envious looks.  

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