Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones' five most shocking moments

Stay away if you wish to know nothing

Readers of the Game Of Thrones books have long lorded it over those who just watch the show.

That's partly just because they're snobs, but also because they've often already known what was going to happen next on the show. But not any more. 

Indeed, now that the show has caught up with the books, the upcoming season will be completely unknown territory for both readers and viewers (and the many who enjoy both). 

So, as a tribute to the show which took spoiler alerts to a new level (Entertainment Weekly even went as far as to draft a set of guidelines for spoiler etiquette), let's revisit some of the show’s most shocking moments. 

Last warning - there really are LOTS of spoilers in this feature. So once you click on the links below, there's no turning back.

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