My Gadget life: Nick Heidfeld

After proving himself as a successful driver at the pinnacle of motorsport, German driver Nick Heidfeld is committed to the future of racing with Mahindra.

Which are your favourite everyday electric cars to drive around town?

For a few years now, I own a Nissan Leaf which is really nice to drive.. but I look forward to the near future with many more manufacturers bringing out electric and Hybrid cars.

Does the lack of engine sound affect your driving style or aggression levels on the track?

The biggest effect of the less engine sound in the race car to me is, that you miss one parameter of feedback. On a combustion engine it was easier to use the (raising) rpm engine noise as an indicator for wheelspin. Now you have to sharpen other senses to feel it as well.

How much can you rely on modern simulators for accuracy? That is an ongoing and very important process in F-e and in our team. Currently we still need to give it lots of feedback from drivers feel and real data from circuit. But we are getting there and I am sure that in the long term those simulations will be near perfect.

Is there any favourite video game you rely on to learn the circuits?

We have our own simulator at Mahindra racing. Currently based near Barcelona. A new better one is being built near London though.

Is it easier to drive the 270hp Formula E cars after handling a 700hp Formula 1 car around the same circuit?

Yes and no. Obviously, 700+ hp in Monaco is crazy/fun. We did reach more than 300kph after the tunnel! In F-e we are closer to 200kph. The difficulty in F-e comes with the fact that there is a lot less practice time to learn the circuit. Additionally (by regulation) most of those practice laps are done with less power. On top of that, you only have one shot/lap. So to nail this one lap in Qualifying with more power is actually more difficult.

Is there a different fitness routine to cope with the car changes during the Pit Stop?

I don't do any special work out for the car changes. Practice makes perfect. So we try to practice frequently the real car change.

PS4 or XBox One?


iOS or Android?

Currently iOS. Think Apple might get strong head wind especially when Samsung really makes the foldable screen reality.

V12 or Tesla?


Home-theatre or Multilplex?