A well specced and handsomely priced laptop this, but at what cost?

Take cues from Asus to build worthy laptops for every category and nothing’s going to sway your opinion about them. However, there’s truly no champion’s reign in the budget category for now and this laptop struggles to steal the mantle too.

The cheaper VivoBook 15 is a great bargain for its price and it delivers on point, but the F570Z at hand has a longer story to tell, hear us out.


Design: weak link

The brushed finish on the plastic body extends from the lid to palm rest area. Much of this hard plastic is tolerable for the price. Can’t expect a buffet for the price of a beverage, right? Good. Moving on.

The lid and the hinge themselves are below satisfactory. In fact, most of our grievances with the laptop are on the top half rather than the base where all the juicy tech sits, which we’ll come to in a bit.

The hinge holding the lid in place does a shoddy job. Meanwhile the flimsy nature of this plastic lid was ringing alarm bells faster than an emergency siren.


Display: stuck in the middle with you

As our daily schedule goes, a lot of it requires us to be staring at a screen for extended hours. So you can be dead serious that we were using this as a work/play machine in our day-to-day life. Sadly, the screen doesn’t bring joy to what we were doing. The colours are washed out and the contrast is dull.

Like I said, our grievances with the laptop stay strictly on the top half and if the lid wasn’t a culprit to begin with then the screen definitely chewed away our happiness. The colour shift when tilting the lid is more apparent here. We had to tilt the lid back and forth to see some things clearly on certain lighter toned websites.

Performance: Core work

Last year, AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper processors caused a flurry of excitement among PC enthusiasts. Mainly for their low cost and really impressive performance. Does the laptop sibling hold up? Quite nicely, yes. The AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is clocked slightly higher than its Intel adversary, which means this 2.0GHz processor will perform most mundane tasks quite effectively. Google Chrome? Pssh, talk Photoshop and it might poke the processor somewhat. We did notice that the Ryzen chip is quite power hungry. It leaves only four hours of battery life on normal use and might stutter a bit in power saving modes. Don’t get us wrong, it works very smoothly for everyday tasks and when the whole deal is packaged at ₹52,990 with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 1050, there’s little to no room for complain.

There’s no SSD so you have to deal with slightly slower boot times and thanks to regular (read annoying) Windows 10 updates, you’ll be staring at the boot screen for a fair amount of time but that’s just us pampered by SSDs.

PUBG and Fortnite work pretty smoothly at low to medium settings too but the disappointing screen is hard to ignore here as well.

Features: happy working

The brushed finish on the palm rest area is quite comfortable when mashing out long reviews and articles. The trackpad too, is very functional and purpose built.

Asus should’ve avoided the number pad on the right of the keyboard and given us more spaced out keys. The number pad on the right is taking precious real estate and doesn’t do the job well enough with narrower keys. However, the keys have a welcoming finish and don’t really feel like it’s from a budget laptop.

If you’re waiting to pick this one up on office funds then the wide selection of ports on this baby is going to leave you very satisfied. Three USB Type-As, one USB Type-C, one HDMI, one ethernet, one headphone jack and one microSD card reader is more than anyone could ask for.

Moving on to entertainment, the speakers sound thin and lack bass. There’s a teeny bit of detail in them but we wouldn’t push it, just wear headphones.

Verdict: It’s all about that base

The F570Z is a very good laptop. Bagging an Nvidia GTX 1050 for this price is clearly a treat but while we’re fairly impressed by it, the lacklustre screen and alarming screen flex is quite astonishing from Asus if not disappointing.

This FullHD display is one of the least impressive screens we’ve ever seen and we would urge you to check it out yourself before purchasing. Albeit, the base housing the tech of the laptop is quite impressive and that may sway many to pick this mainly because it holds up for gaming. For a few extra bucks you can pick up the Acer Nitro 5 with a generation old processor but a solid machine alright.

Lastly, if you’re willing to let go of casual gaming, that cheaper VivoBook 15 without the GTX 1050 is a better buy.


Stuff says... 

Asus F570Z review

Asus got everything right with this but skimped out on the screen
Good Stuff 
Ryzen 5 is good enough
GTX 1050 is good for casual gaming
Nice palm rest area and keyboard make working easier
Bad Stuff 
That lid flexes a lot
Screen is quite disappointing
Battery life could’ve been better