Stuff's gadget gripes: when tech drives us to distraction

16. Tuning anything in

In an age of instant access to content, it’s always a thrill to party like it’s 1979. Turn on, tune in, weep.

17. Tape alignment

You wanted to watch this movie/play this game? Nope. Not while your tape heads are a billionth of an inch out of alignment! You’d best wait a decade for shiny discs. And their unskippable content.

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18. Having to carefully shut things down

Rather than flicking a switch, which would clearly be too much effort to design for.

19. Password restrictions

"Must contain at least one number, one letter, one capital letter, one symbol, three Shakespearean sonnets, an amusing but subtle reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a picture of an angry ferret." And due to the IT department's requirements, you'll need a new one in 30 days' time. No, you can't use one of your old ones.

On the plus side, it has given us the sublime Password Hints Twitter.

20. Cumbersome charging

Complicated proprietary leads? Absurdly slow recharge? (Hello, iPad!) Inexplicable leather cradles that encase the device’s face? (Yes, we’re looking at you, Samsung Galaxy Gear). Just stop.

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