Steam to embrace the Malaysian Ringgit

Now you'll know just how much exactly you overspent on ringgit

Steam had a strictly developers-only Steam Developer Days conference recently, with no press allowed. But one slide sneaked its way out to the World Wide Web and it shows Steam is getting serious about localisation, adding new currencies to the Steam store.

The good news? Malaysia isn't left out for once. The bad? No ETA as of yet.

Image credit: @Arminposts

Be free of the USD

Besides the ringgit, among the other currencies seen in the leaked slide were the Australian, New Zealand and Singapore dollars, the yen, kroner and what might possibly be Bitcoin!

What would really be interesting is if Steam will now sell giftcards in other currencies. We'll keep you informed if there are more juicy things to be gleaned from Steam Dev Days.

[Source: Kotaku]

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