New GoPro Max And GoPro Hero 8 Images Have Been Leaked

Both are slated for release soon.

GoPro’s suite of pocket sized cameras has definitely become the best action camera in the market, becoming the industry standard amongst professionals and enthusiasts. A new flagship GoPro camera typically gets released in September, and now we’re given an inkling on what this year’s camera will be.

Naturally, what will follow suit after the Hero 7 will be the whole new Hero 8 camera, which has been revealed thanks to Photo Rumors. The new Hero 8 will feature a whole new optional housing for new accessories like a mic and an additional screen, it can record 4K video at 120 FPS and Full HD videos at 480 FPC. Besides that, the Hero 8 will also have a new GP2 chip, with the original GP1 chip introduced with the GoPro Hero 6.

A whole new camera has also been uncovered, that being the GoPro Max, which is said to be the new replacements for the GoPro Fusion 360. The GoPro Max and its predecessor are what you call 360 cameras, allowing users to take videos all around them. No specs have been leaked for the Max just yet, though judging from the images, it does seem to improve on the screen and size as compared to the Fusion 360.

Overall, we expect a huge announcement by GoPro by next month, and we’re pretty excited to know more of the GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max.