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As an Android user, I’m jealous of Anker’s iPhone-friendly Qi2 charging stands

Chic charging for iPhone owners, but the Android world is still waiting

Anker Qi2 charging stand with devices

With Apple’s AirPower mat still nowhere to be seen, it’s been left to brands like Anker to launch wireless chargers that can handle multiple devices. The firm’s latest is a design statement that’ll smarten up any desk – so much so I’m questioning my loyalty to Android.

If you could grow gadgets, the MagGo Wireless Charging Station 3-in-1 Stand is what I imagine would sprout from a Qi charging pad. Two spindly, sapling-like arms emerge from satisfyingly minimalist base; the larger of the two can refuel your Qi2 or MagSafe-compatible iPhone at a full 15W, while the other is dedicated to your Apple Watch. It has MFW certification, meaning an Apple Watch Series 9 can reach a 48% top-up in just half an hour.

The base can then charge your AirPods or other earbuds with wireless charging support. The rubber coating ensures your gadgets stay on the charging sweet spot instead of slipping around.

Anker sticks a 40W USB-C PD power adapter in the box, which is enough to simultaneously top up all three gadgets at maximum speed. The firm’s ActiveShield tech then monitors temperatures more than 3m times a day to prevent overheating.

The 3-in-1 Stand is available in black or white, for £90 directly from Anker or via Amazon. Suffice to say I’m gutted I can’t use it with my Android phone (at least not without sticking it inside an ugly case first), and that my non-Apple smartwatch won’t play nicely with it either.

It went on sale alongside the MagGo Wireless Charging Station 3-in-1 Pad, a more portable alternative that can be taken on the move as well as taking up permanent residence on your bedside table.

Adjustable modules let you angle your phone from 90° to 180°, in case you want to use Apple’s StandBy mode to turn your phone into a smart alarm clock, or have your Apple Watch’s screen in view from the bed.

It promises the same speedy charging for multiple gadgets at once, with Qi2 support for 15W phone refuelling, and includes a 40W USB-C PD power adapter. The same non-Apple caveats apply here too, although it is at least easier to lay your phone down on the charging pad when it’s folded flat.

Expect to pay £100 for the 3-in-1 Pad, either directly from Anker or from Amazon. Given they can only use two of the three charging points I’m not convinced Android owners should be queueing around the block for one – but Apple converts should definitely get in line.

This isn’t the first time Anker’s chargers have left me wishing Android’s Qi2 future would hurry up and arrive already: back in February I called the MagGo Qi2 power bank a “must-have even for non-iPhone owners”. Qi2 was made official in 2023, and while compatible chargers are now coming thick and fast, it’s still only Apple with the magnetic wireless charging tech inside its phones.

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