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Anker’s MagGo Qi2 power bank is must-have even for non-iPhone owners

So slick Android owners will also want in on the action

Anker Magsafe Qi2 hot stuff

It’s gadgets like the Anker MagGo Qi2 Power Bank 10K that have me counting down the days until Android smartphones arrive with the new charging standard. It headlines the firm’s new Qi2-enabled lineup of chargers and backup batteries, which were announced at CES back in January, and has already earned a permanent place in my travel back.

The compact battery pack has a built-in kickstand, LCD screen to show how much juice is remaining, and a USB-C port that’ll charge tech at up to 27W – but it’s the Qi2 cleverness that has won me over. And i don’t even own an iPhone. Built-in magnets keep your phone locked in place while it delivers 15W sans cables. I’ve used a stick-on magnet on my Pixel 8 Pro‘s case, and it’s just as effective.

15W charging has proved plenty quick enough to keep my phone topped up while watching videos or gaming. You can nab one in a range of colourful hues, and while dense, isn’t ridiculously heavy given the capacity. My white model has picked up one or two small scrapes in my two weeks of testing, so the darker colours might be a wise choice to keep things looking box fresh.

The MagGo Qi2 Power Bank is smaller than any of my existing 10k battery packs, yet still finds space for a slick colour screen. It’s not so bright as to be distracting on a nightstand, either. It stays on while charging, and the countdown is very clear about when you’ll need to plug it in again.

I can (just about) squeeze it into my pocket while attached to my phone without putting my jeans at risk of bursting at the seams.

It’s available right now from Amazon UK for £90. The Anker MagGo Qi2 power bank 10K was previously available in the US for $90, and will shortly go on sale in other territories.

There’s a simpler, even smaller version that ditches the screen and shrinks capacity to 6000mAh. It has a slightly different hinged design instead of a kickstand, which still lets you properly your phone up for hands free viewing or video calling. It’s also on Amazon UK from today, at £70.

Anker’s MagGo line also includes a three-in-one travel charger that can top up your Air pods and Apple Watch on the fly (£100), and one of the smallest wireless charging pads I’ve ever seen (£30). The former is strictly for Apple Watches, with no way to swap out the charging pad for one that’ll work with, say a Pixel Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. Both are up on Anker’s Amazon landing page now.

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