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Best wireless charger 2024: stands and pads for cordless charging

Our guide to the best wireless charger pads for Qi-compatible phones like Apple, Samsung or OnePlus

Some day in the electrified future, even mid-range phones will become self-winding. Or solar-powered. Or fuelled by sugar. Until then, the best tool for cordless current is a wireless charger. See, while most flagships still require a dose of mains power to brim their batteries on a daily basis, boosting your blower doesn’t mean you need to plug it in.

From zapping mats to MagSafe stands, the top charging docks deliver smartphone sustenance without a wire in sight. So whatever device you have to refill, add one of these power pads to your desk for drop and flow convenience.

The best wireless chargers you can buy today:

The simple plinth: Logitech Powered Stand (£55)

1. Logitech Powered Stand

Stuff Verdict

This streamlined charging stand is perfect for sitting on a desk or bedside table


  • Simple design
  • Great for keeping phone upright on a desk


  • Not a luxury design
  • Can only charge phones in portrait

Like a watering can, Logitech’s Powered Stand has a descriptive denomination. And like a watering can, it packs the potential to give life. Rather than adding aqua to your anthuriums, though, it can zap all sorts of smartphones with up to 10W wireless power.

There’s no spout, but the portrait podium’s supportive design will keep your device standing tall. And provided it’s 3mm or thinner, there’s no need to remove your phone from its case.

The rainbow base: Razer Charging Pad Chroma (€70)

2. Razer Charging Pad Chroma

Stuff Verdict

Fun RGB lights make this charging pad a favourite for gamers


  • RGB lights are fun (and can be synced with Chroma Studio)
  • 10W charging


  • Mighty pricey considering charging speeds
  • Needs a USB-C power brick or port

A fully-charged phone isn’t fundamental for pro Fortnite performances, but it will mean you’re ready to Tweet every Victory Royale. And for energising glow to fit with your gaming rig, Razer’s the way to go.

Besides 10W power and a soft-touch rubber top, the rainbow recharger ships with a technicolour ring of 10 RGB LEDs around its rim. Configured through Chroma Studio, these can shine dynamically in sync with the rest of your desktop setup.

The triple top-up: Belkin Boost Charge Pro (£140)

3. Belkin Boost Charge Pro

Stuff Verdict

One of the nicest looking docks out there for anyone that’s all-in on Apple gadgets


  • Luxury looks
  • 3-in-1 charging


  • No good for non-Magsafe devices
  • Rather expensive

Styled like a desktop satellite receiver, Belkin’s combo booster can’t tune in to signals from space. What it can do is pump electrons to an array of Apple devices at the same time.

Suspended at either end of its stainless steel stem, the bigger disc does for your iPhone 15, while the smaller circle shoots juice to a Watch. Add an AirPods case to the base of the sci-fi stand to complete the trio. And because it’s approved for use with MagSafe cases, you’ll get the fastest 15W charging speeds.

The hovering holder: Anker PowerWave Magnetic (£40)

4. Anker PowerWave 2-in-1 Magnetic

Stuff Verdict

A more wallet-friendly floating charger that looks the business and keeps your phone secure while it’s juicing up.


  • Streamlined styling
  • Pulls double duty for a smartwatch


  • No watch charging abilities
  • Hope you don’t have a thick phone case

Holding your phone while you FaceTime is a one-way ticket to wristache. For power and perfect positioning without a painful paw, attach your iPhone 12 or newer to this magnetic stand.

Snapped in place, the angle of your Apple can be tilted to frame your face. And once you’re off the call, you can rotate the handset to horizontal – ideal for cinematic procrastination. ‘Buds need a boost? Drop your AirPods case on the base for simultaneous charging ahead of the next chinwag.

Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 10W

5. Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 10W

Stuff Verdict

A fuss-free way to top up your phone while driving, and keep it in your line of sight for CarPlay


  • Strong magnets keep your phone locked down
  • Comes with a USB-C 12v adaptor


  • Out of luck if your car doesn’t have a 12v socket or USB-C
  • Cables can be unsightly

This pint-sized puck doesn’t just charge your phone sans cables – it also keeps it in your line of sight while driving, thanks to a clever clip-in mechanism that tightly hugs your car’s air vents. That makes it ideal for CarPlay or Android Auto (assuming you’ve wrapped your Android phone in a MagSafe-compatible case, that is).

10W wireless charging is pretty speedy, and the included 12V adaptor means it doesn’t matter if your car is so old it has no concept of USB-C ports. The MagSafe magnets are strong enough to keep the phone locked while navigating the bumpiest of b-roads, too.

The bamboo booster: Ikea Nordmärke (£13)

6. Ikea Nordmärke

Stuff Verdict

Scandi-styled wireless top-ups that should look slick pretty much anywhere in your home.


  • Eco-friendly styling
  • Wide compatibility


  • Not especially quick to charge
  • Power brick sold separately

Electricity doesn’t grow on trees, but wood does make a great base for your blower. Stick your smartphone on this natty Scandi stand for more sustainable juice.

The rounded bottom block is hewn from renewable bamboo, while the fabric back panel can support your phone in portrait or landscape – with the help of a silicone grip strip. It works with all Qi-compatible devices, dishing out 5W energy. Whether that’s green will depend on your supplier.

The designer dock: Native Union Drop (from £45)

7. Native Union Drop

Stuff Verdict

Good looks, great grip and consistent charging make this an excellent all-rounder wireless pad.


  • High quality materials
  • Looks pretty premium, too


  • Don’t let the fabric top get grubby

Non-slip silicone doesn’t scream premium style, but it turns out textured tread can be elegant. Drop your Qi-compatible smartphone on this grippy disc for refined recharging with zero slippage.

Topped by textured fabric, its weighty aluminium base keeps things firmly in place, while foreign object detection prevents short circuits. Shipped in four hues to suit your decor (two neutral, two pastels), there’s also an XL version for a double dose of 10W wireless power – while the Watch Edition adds a dedicated dock for your clock.

The magic mat: Nomad Base Station Pro (£220)

8. Nomad Base Station Pro

Stuff Verdict

How wireless charging should work in a perfect world – no alignment faff, just drop and go.


  • Fire and forget wireless charging
  • Silent operation


  • Slow charging speeds
  • It’s seriously expensive

Cats on mats don’t require careful alignment. With Nomad’s nifty Base Station, neither will your devices: drop up to three compatible gadgets anywhere on the clever leather top and its FreePower algorithm will automatically locate them.

Despite its slim aluminium chassis, the Pro packs an array of 18 coils beneath the surface. When your devices are detected, it sends 7.5W energy to the correct parts of the pad. Future firmware updates mean efficiency should improve, too. So your smartphone will always sit on the sweet spot, just like Mr Tibbles.

The portable pedestal: Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand (£65)

9. Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand

Stuff Verdict

Portable wireless charging couldn’t be simpler than this magnetic power bank, which is also handy for hands-free phone use.


  • Beefy battery capacity
  • Plays nicely with non-MagSafe mobiles


  • A bit of a chunky boy
  • Wireless charging speeds could be faster

Want true wireless charging without a mains connection? Mophie’s prop-up power bank promises exactly that. Flip out the built-in stand and stick your iPhone 12 to the front for 7.5W MagSafe energy wherever you go.

The 10,000mAh backup battery pack also plays nice with Qi-compatible devices, while an adhesive Snap Adapter can convert them into magnetic mobiles. USB-C Power Delivery serves up 20W wired power, plus a tripod mount on the base makes it easy to boost your blower while broadcasting to your Insta fans.

How to buy the best wireless charger

Stand in

A lie-flat pad is fine if you leave your phone alone as it recharges. Can’t be without your blower? Opt for an upstanding dock, which makes continued scrolling a cinch. Some stands can even support your mobile in either orientation.

Double down

If you’re blessed with several devices, choose a charger with adequate capacity. Many offer space for a pair of smartphones, while some feature dedicated docks for specific accessories, such as an Apple Watch or AirPods.

Watts up

Wattage determines charging speed. 5W is typically the minimum, while most Qi pads pump juice at 10W. Want a brisker boost? The fastest docks deliver power at a speedy 15W – though third-party mounts are normally capped at 7.5W.

Lock on

A MagSafe stand can defy gravity, glueing your iPhone 12 in place using the power of attraction. Not equipped with an Apple handset? Some docks ship with stick-on circles that allow you to similarly magnetise the back of your handset.

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