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Apple iPad rumors: everything we know about the next-gen iPad models

See you slater? Here’s what’s (maybe) next heading to Apple tablets, wherever in the range you're looking

iPad range 2023

Looking for iPad rumours? You’re in the right place. For each iPad model we’ve dug into the current state of play, explored the iPad rumors emanating from the industry’s guessing trousers, and provided a handy ‘Stuff says’ buying recommendation.

While Apple has officially revealed the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, in 11in and 13in screen sizes, there are still plenty of other rumours to peruse…


Apple iPad 10th gen

The state of play: In October 2022, Apple released the 10th-gen iPad. It resembled a less powerful iPad Air with a reflective screen (boo) but had Apple’s first sensible selfie camera placement (yay). The ninth iteration of the iPad lurked quietly in the line-up, with its old-school charms of a Home button, a chunky screen bezel and a headphone port.

What’s next: The next iteration of the iPad is due, especially since we didn’t get one last year. In fact, 2023 was the first year since 2017 during which the standard iPad doesn’t get an update. So surely it’s coming this year – but reportedly it won’t be early this year and it’ll be later in 2024.

When we do get an 11th-gen, expect a minor spec bump with new colours and an A15 chip. Ideally, we’d prefer 2nd-gen Apple Pencil support and finally being rid of the reflective screen too, but suspect that’s unlikely. What is unlikely is the 9th-gen sticking around as a low-cost iPad, even when the 11th-gen shows up – the 10th will move down to fill that gap.

Stuff says: The 9th-gen iPad is charitably best described as ‘classic’ and ‘familiar’. Buy if the other models are out of your budget. The 10th-gen is a bit pricey and infuriatingly uses the old Apple Pencil. But it’s powerful and worth the outlay if you want an iPad that’ll last.

iPad Mini

The state of play: The iPad Mini has long been an enigma regarding release frequency and positioning. But Apple vastly improved its tiniest iPad with September 2021’s 6th-gen, more or less transforming it into an iPad Air Mini. There’s an A15 inside that tiny frame – but scrolling can be jiggly in portrait. Tsk.

What’s next: The main rumour that’s been swirling around forever now is the 7th-gen iPad Mini getting a 120Hz ProMotion display, which will handily boot ‘jelly scrolling’ concerns into the sun. No-one’s prediction parrot has parped precisely when this’ll rock up, mind. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reckons that the iPad Mini refresh will land later on this year, following the expected release of the new iPad Pro and Air models in the second week of May.

Stuff says: Removing the most overt flaw from the iPad Mini would be good. But who knows when it’ll happen? So if you want one, buy it now. Just be aware even in the Mini’s inconsistent release schedule, the 6th-gen is definitely more mid-cycle than long in the tooth.

iPad Air

The state of play: Apple has officially released its latest-gen iPad Air, complete with a faster M2 processor and new 13in screen-sized variant.

What’s next: It’s too early for the Apple rumour mill to have swung its focus on the future iPad Air, but we’ll be updating this piece with the latest news, as soon as it comes in.

Stuff says: The M2 processor should be more than enough for most people’s needs, so the current-gen iPad Air is worth a punt if you don’t need the bells and whistles that the new iPad Pro offers.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The state of play: The new iPad Pro, complete with the rumoured OLED display, terrifyingly fast M4 processor, and support for the new Apple Pencil Pro, is officially here. We’ve even reviewed it.

What’s next: Given that the new iPad Pro has just been released, we don’t expect to hear much in the way of the next-gen iPad Pro for quite some time. We’ll be sure to update this piece with the inevitable rumours as soon as they start flying around however.

Stuff says: If you’re after an iPad Pro, you might as well get the current M4 version that’s just come out, given that it took two years for a refresh last time.

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