For a device that’s supposed to be all about work-play compromise, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 stands its ground like Dwayne Johnson in a tsunami. It’s sturdy, with a rectangular shape that has a hint of the Microsoft Surface about it, and although the plastic flexes a little, it feels as if it’ll survive a fairly hefty knock. 


The Tablet 2 is one of the most attractive Windows 8 tabs yet, standing out from identikit slates with a black, blocky build and a curved left-hand edge to hide the digitiser. At 580g, it’s lighter than the iPad 4, and with all of your ports on the tablet part you can get along just fine without the keyboard/cover. 

Well, unless you’re doing any typing that is. The keyboard is a mixed bag; it slots together with the Tablet part, but only connects via Bluetooth, and it lacks the flexibility of the likes of the Acer Iconia W510's hinged keyboard dock. There’s also no trackpad – just an optical trackpoint – but that at least leaves space for roomy keys that are a pleasure to type on. 


The Tablet 2’s brilliant 10.1in screen is very bright, pumping out more nits than Windows 8 hybrid rivals and making it great for outdoor working. It might be bettered by the Asus VivoTab ME400 for colour accuracy but the 1366x768 IPS display is still very punchy with top-notch contrast. It is a fingerprint magnet though so watch out.

Working with images

This is a great tablet for snap-happy types as you can grab photos straight from your SD card with an SD-to-USB adapter, then organise and edit them with full fat Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. You'll need to be patient with big files, but with an update installed you can even work on RAW images.

Battery Life

Battery life is decent with the Tablet 2 lagging slightly behind rivals like the Acer Iconia W510 and HP Envy X2 but still giving you enough juice to stretch to a day’s video, email and web browsing. That’s despite the ludicrously bright screen and Bluetooth connection to the keyboard meaning there’s no extra battery coming from that direction.  


All the ports you need are on the Tablet 2 itself including a full size USB 2.0 port although USB hard disks need their own power source. It also has microUSB for charging, mini HDMI and a microSD slot. The ace up its sleeve? A SIM slot for 3G or 4G on the move. 


Atom’s limitations are easy to spot but if you ease the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 down the path of proper computing (writing documents, image and video editing, casual gaming) you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sure, you’ll have to be patient and such desktop software doesn’t always look as pretty as full-screen iPad-style apps do but if you want finger-friendly fare, Windows Metro is just a button press away. 

Bearing in mind that a 64GB iPad 4 comes in at RM2,099, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2’s asking price of RM2,158 doesn’t look unrealistic. It’s a sexy slab which puts in a good performance and adds a useful digitiser pen and an easy-to-type-on keyboard accessory. The bar for any slate trotting through Stuff’s doors just is now far higher.

Stuff says... 

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 review

Like squeezing a proper PC into a sexy 10in rectangle, the Tablet 2 is an impressive Win 8 hybrid