Xiaomi has a few TVs, a fitness band, a couple of smartphones, an air purifier and some security cameras. Even Shoes but those ain’t smart enough to be on the list. Heck, they aren’t even self-lacing ones. Shame!

Is this a catalogue overview? No sir, it is not. Xiaomi has just added another voice-enabled product to its plethora of smart home products and this time you can enter a dark room and bark orders at your AI butler to light it.

The Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi smart bulb (this is the last time we’re using the full name) is essentially Yeelight smart bulb which Xiaomi rebrands and sells in India. We don’t know the exact relation between Yeelight and Xiaomi but once a crowdfunded LED bulb this, it’s now available for ₹1,299 on the Mi India website. (Tech gossip: Xiaomi has invested in Yeelight, so they can rebrand stuff like this).

Xiaomi smart bulb: Plug me baby

If you don’t know the difference between E27 and B22 lamp holder, now is a good time to do a little research before entering the world of confused AIs and app-based bulbs.

Indian bulb sockets are B22 and the Xiaomi smart bulb here is for a E27 socket. Don’t worry though, a converter will cost you around ₹100-₹200, probably less if you skimp out on the quality. We wouldn’t recommend you skimp, mostly because the smart bulb is weighty and feels robust, especially ribbed housing. So make sure you get a good quality converter for this good quality light bulb.

Xiaomi smart bulb: Xiaomi your colours

How smart is really smart? Does it need to work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa? And have four different apps to control it? Yes? Well, the Xiaomi bulb has you covered.

It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but only after you pair it with the Mi Home app first. Starting the bulb and pairing it with the app is monkey-easy. It doesn’t require a bridge or a hub to work, just plonk it in, scan for the bulb in your Wi-Fi settings and link it up in your Mi Home app. To add the bulb onto your Alexa or Google Home app, the instructions come included in the box. Give it a read, it’s not in Chinese we promise.

There are literally all the colours to fancy your mood and if you get bored of those ‘16 million colours’, you can play with the brightness. If you drop it to 1% brightness, this smart bulb can easily be the least intrusive night light.

The brightness is easily the best in business here. 800 lumens is more than enough to attack your eyes with all those 16 million colours and if you constantly want a reminder of how cool your smart bulb is, there’s a ‘flow’ option in the Mi Home app. It changes colour constantly in a… you guessed it, flow!

The Xiaomi apps also lets you set timers and apply different types of lighting moods. The Sunset preset gradually dims the light in 10mins and then turns off. It’s a good option if you’re planning to hit the bed but are a scaredy cat. From 1700K to 6500K, even the colour temperature is very well ranged and the white light is whiter than most LEDs in this category we’ve come across.

With Philips Hue, Syska and many others already in the market, the Xiaomi smart bulb is a welcome addition. Especially because it comes at a great value, changes colours on command, works with two different types of AI assistance and has a simple to use app. Not to mention there’s no bridge or hub required here to connect to the bulb.

For ₹1,299 the Xiaomi smart bulb is cheap but doesn’t feel like it. Even though you’re not looking for a multicolour AI bulb, it can make for a cheap and useful gift for a loved one with a knack for tech, or you can send it to us. We like it and we’ll take five, thank you very much!

Stuff says... 

Xiaomi Mi LED smart bulb review

A perfect gateway to smart lighting at home
Good Stuff 
Gets really bright
White light will put the sun to shame
Easy to setup and use
Works well with AI butlers
Bad Stuff 
Mi Home app should be more visually appealing
E27 bulb holder is not Indian standard