The curvy-screened Nubia Watch has smashed its Kickstarter target in just 24 hours

Bend to my will
20 August 2020 / 12:57IST

Smartwatches that are merely content with connecting to your phone, counting your steps, reminding you to stand up, controlling your music, paying for your milk and giving you depressing news updates are so last decade. Nubia thinks your watch should be able to do all of that clever stuff, but show you it on a display that wraps halfway around your wrist. The showpiece of the Nubia Watch, then, which has already smashed its initial ₹7.5lakhs funding target over on Kickstarter, is undoubtedly its flexible 4.01in AMOLED screen. With a resolution of 960x192, it should be plenty sharp enough to view content at a glance on the long display - no scrolling required. Nubia makes the most of all that extra real-estate with widgets, live wallpapers and customisable watch faces. Full tracking, music via Bluetooth, GPS and heart-rate monitoring are all supported, and you can expect up to a week’s worth of battery life. Nubia is estimating an October 2020 delivery to those who back it at $199 now, and it’ll ship all over the world.